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Peyronie Disease

A person with Peyronie’s Disease can be helped as well. Peyronie’s Disease affects the penile shaft by causing a fibrotic type of reaction/scarring that results in a shrinking and curving of the Penile Shaft. This, in turn, affects the blood flow and erectile tissue and subsequently causes a size reduction of the Penis as a whole. Penile enlargement can restore most of the lost penile size and shape, which makes the Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique a serious consideration in your choice of treatment options, not only because of the enlargement results but the safety aspects of the non-surgical minimally invasive technique.

A person, who may have suffered trauma to the genital area, whether from burns, direct blunt injury, war injury, or any other ordeal that may alter the shape and size of the Penis and Scrotum, can obtain correction to some degree in most – if not all – cases. The degree of success and meeting the patient’s expectations will be determined after a medical examination has been performed.

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The psychological aspect of Male Enhancement has been mainly been handed over to the media or product advertisements. TV commercials, radio, print, and the internet have flooded men with unproven or simply incorrect facts about male enhancements. Most of these products are designed to prey upon men’s lower self-esteem to sell a product. The truth is the issue is complicated and getting to the facts is difficult. Dr.Mitchell works with this issue on a daily basis. We know and understand that the psychological ‘trauma’ is just as real as physical trauma. Within the mind, there is no real distinction between the two. We treat, as we ought to, this psychological element as a real and serious issue because of the debilitating nature that psychological stress can cause.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why one would desire a penile enlargement and/or scrotal enhancement. Many men have chosen not to move forward and enlarge their penile shaft, glans or scrotum simply due to the fear of having a surgical procedure performed and the risks associated. You need not worry about this anymore because there is now a new safer method using a Permanent Dermal Filler Injection Technique. This proven method is effective and much safer than the surgical methods available today. It is simply an excellent alternative method of enlarging the penis and/or scrotal areas without the major risks of surgery.

Here are just a few of the common services provided by Dr. Mitchell

  • Penile Shaft (or Girth) Enlargement
  • Penile Glans (or Penile Head) Enlargement
  • Scrotal Enhancement (or Enlargement)
  • Peyronie’s Disease Treatment (Curved Penis with Girth attenuation)
  • Micro-Penis Enlargement
  • Corrective Procedures: Correct or Enhance prior Traditional Male Enhancement treatments Such as Lipo fat transfer, dermal grafting etc.
Peyronie Disease

The image or diagram above demonstrates the pathology involved with Peyronie’s disease. There is a scar or plaque development in the penile shaft that not only can cause a curvature, but interfere with circulation, and cause direct penile tissue damage and loss of mass. When the penile shaft blood vessels and nerves are continually damaged by the advancement of this plaque or scar, and this further compounds the disease process regarding penile function and size.

See Real Long-Lasting Results. Pain Free.

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Dr. Mitchell’s clients achieve great success with his treatments and do not experience side effects. His treatments are non-surgical and are done in the office.
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