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Permanent Vs. Semi-Permanent Penile Girth Enhancement

There are several kinds of male enhancement procedures, but at the Erection & Enhancement Center, we offer two types: permanent and semi-permanent enhancement. Patients seeking to add to their girth often ask about the benefits between the two.

This article introduces what penile girth enlargement entails, differentiating permanent and semi-permanent solutions, while emphasizing safe girth enhancement options.

Permanent Penile Girth Enhancement: The Lasting Solution

Permanent penile girth enhancement involves surgical procedures designed to provide a lasting increase in penile circumference. One of the most common methods is the use of implants, where a silicone or other biocompatible material is inserted beneath the penile skin to augment girth permanently.

While permanent solutions offer a one-time, long-lasting result, it’s essential to consider the invasiveness of the procedures. Surgery always carries inherent risks, including infection, scarring, and changes in sensation. Additionally, the recovery time for surgical interventions may be longer compared to non-surgical alternatives.

But the benefits outweigh the risks. Permanent penile girth enhancement can boost confidence, improving self-esteem and overall sexual satisfaction. Patients experience a significant increase in girth, enhancing sexual performance and pleasure for both partners. The procedure’s lasting results mean no ongoing treatments or maintenance, providing a hassle-free solution. 

Consultation with experienced professionals helps minimize risks, ensuring a safe and successful outcome. Advances in surgical techniques contribute to reduced recovery times, allowing individuals to resume regular activities sooner. While caution is crucial, those seeking a lasting solution find that the positive impact on their quality of life justifies the considered risks.

Semi-Permanent Penile Girth Enhancement: Balancing Duration and Safety

Semi-permanent penile girth enhancement, on the other hand, involves non-surgical methods that provide a temporary boost in penile thickness. One popular approach is the use of injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid or autologous fat, to augment girth without the need for invasive surgery.

The appeal of semi-permanent options lies in their lower risk profile and reduced downtime. Many individuals appreciate the ability to test the waters, so to speak, before committing to a permanent change. Injectable fillers can be administered in a clinic setting, often taking less time than surgical interventions, and allowing individuals to resume normal activities sooner.

However, it’s crucial to note that the effects of semi-permanent procedures are not everlasting. For instance, Hyaluronic Acid fillers may last anywhere between 18 to 24 months. Regular maintenance sessions may be required to sustain the desired results, adding a layer of commitment and ongoing cost.

Choosing the Right Path: Factors to Consider

When deciding between permanent and semi-permanent penis thickness augmentation, individuals should consider several factors:

Personal Comfort Level: Are you more comfortable with permanent results, or would you like to take a slower and surer path? Some individuals prefer a gradual approach with semi-permanent options.

Risk Tolerance: Consider your tolerance for surgical risks and potential complications. Semi-permanent options generally have a lower risk profile.

Financial Considerations: Permanent solutions may have a higher upfront cost, while semi-permanent options might involve ongoing expenses for maintenance sessions and consultations.

Time Commitment: Surgical procedures often require more time for preparation, intervention, and recovery. Non-surgical options can be quicker with minimal downtime.

Long-Term Goals: Consider your long-term goals and whether a permanent or semi-permanent solution aligns better with your expectations.

Conclusion: Navigating the Landscape of Penile Girth Enhancement

The Erection & Enhancement Center offers permanent and semi-permanent penile girth enhancement procedures, as we want our patients to choose what’s best for them. It hinges on individual preferences, risk tolerance, and the desire for lasting or temporary results. Once you’re ready to take the next step, contact us to learn more.

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Procedures Offered

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Penile Girth Enhancement

Penile girth enhancement is generally a safe procedure when done properly.


The P-Shot® can help you achieve stronger, firmer erections, increased sensitivity and more through PRP injection.

Hormone Pellete Therapy

The use of hormone pellets is superior to injections.


Dr. Mitchell’s clients achieve great success with his treatments and do not experience side effects. His treatments are non-surgical and are done in the office.
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