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Girth vs. Length

At the Erection & Enhancement Center, we focus on penile girth over length. Why? Not only do women prefer girth to length, our treatment for permanent penile girth also provides a host of benefits over shaft-lengthening procedures.

Why Do Women Prefer Girth to Length?

Men tend to assume that women prefer a longer penis and that girth isn’t really a concern. However, several studies over the years have revealed that the majority of women prefer a thicker penis to a longer one. Why is this the case?

The answer has to do with female sexual pleasure. When it comes to stimulation and orgasm, penile girth is key.

The sides of the vaginal opening contain numerous nerve endings, which connect to the clitoris. During intercourse, a thicker penile shaft stretches the walls of the vaginal opening, stimulating the nerve endings on the vaginal walls. The increase in girth also stimulates the g-spot.

With more girth, the penile shaft can consistently and rhythmically stimulate these areas. This maximizes pleasure sensations, building towards intense vaginal orgasms.

Since the nerve endings are located on the walls of the vaginal opening, more length isn’t required to stimulate them effectively. Average length is sufficient.

Additionally, not all structures of the vagina respond well to friction during intercourse. Making contact with the cervix, located deeper in the vagina, can result in discomfort and pain during intercourse. Because of this, deeper penetration with a longer penis can cause problems, especially during certain sexual positions. This can limit the number of positions available for you and your partner.

Why Should I Choose a Permanent Girth Treatment Over a Length Procedure?

Our injection-based permanent girth-enhancement procedure has a variety of advantages over shaft-lengthening procedures.

First, many types of penis-lengthening surgeries are not safe. Pain, scarring, malformation, loss of sensation, and erectile dysfunction can all occur. Additionally, ligament-based lengthening surgeries can destabilize erections.

This is in contrast to permanent penile girth enhancement with injections, which is much safer than surgery, since it avoids incisions and general anesthesia. Only local anesthesia is needed, and no stitches are required.

Second, after penis-lengthening surgery, a lot of downtime is required for recovery and healing. Typically, patients must avoid physically taxing activities like heavy exercise and sports for 30 days. Patients must also avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation for 60 days.

Downtime for injections is minimal in comparison and is much more comfortable. After permanent penile girth enhancement with injections, intercourse must only be avoided for 21 days.

Third, the price of penis-enlargement surgery is much greater, especially taking into account the time off required from work and the anesthesia costs.

Get That Girth!

If you’re ready to achieve the penile girth you’ve been wishing for, it’s time to take the first step: Contact the Erection & Enhancement Center today and set up a consultation. During a consultation, we’ll give you more information about the benefits of girth over length so you can experience optimal penile enhancement.

See Real Long-Lasting Results. Pain Free.

Procedures Offered

Storz Linear Focus Shockwave

The Linear Focus Shockwave procedure breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.

Penile Girth Enhancement

Penile girth enhancement is generally a safe procedure when done properly.


The P-Shot® can help you achieve stronger, firmer erections, increased sensitivity and more through PRP injection.

Hormone Pellete Therapy

The use of hormone pellets is superior to injections.


Dr. Mitchell’s clients achieve great success with his treatments and do not experience side effects. His treatments are non-surgical and are done in the office.
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